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You can copy and paste a table from Moraware JobTracker into MS Excel or if you have Excel 2003 or later, you can import data from JobTracker into MS Excel. Importing the data provides better formatting since it does not include icons and links.

You could use this feature to export account information for use in creating a mailing list.

  1. Create a View or report showing the information you'd like to import into Excel.
  2. Click on the button adjust the Rows per page to be at least the total number of rows in your View or report.
  3. Open MS Excel (this will not work on versions of Excel prior to 2003)
    1. In Excel 2003, go to Data > Import External Data > New Web Query
      In Excel 2007, go to Data > From Web
    2. This will open a mini web browser - in the Address bar, enter the link to Moraware JobTracker, log in and navigate to the desired View or report (or copy the URL from JobTracker and paste it using CNTL+V)
    3. Click the yellow arrow that's pointing to the table you want to import. It will turn into a green checkmark
    4. Click Import, and click OK

You can now sort, edit or save this spreadsheet and use it as the input to a Mail Merge in MS Word or other program.