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You may define your own security roles. If you need to create new roles you may want to base them on job function. For example you may have a role for salesperson with access to read Accounts, and full control of Quotes. Below are the steps for creating and updating roles. Note: Currently it is not possible to limit a user to specific accounts, jobs or quotes. For example, users that can view jobs, will be able to view all jobs.

  1. Go to Admin > Roles
    • To create a new role click
    • To edit an existing role, click on the Role Name and select Edit Role 'role name'
  2. For each area (account, quote, administration etc.) select individual permissions or click in the check box in the upper left to give Full Control in that particular area. Full Control does not include Settings pages or the ability to add or delete Views and Reports. That access needs to be selected from the Administration area.
  3. When finished, log in with a user name assigned to the role you created/updated to verify the access.