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Below is a brief description of the new features available in Release 3.0.

Filter for jobs that lack specific activities
– Better handling of auto-scheduling with before & after dependencies
– Option to ignore a dependency for auto-schedule - displays a warning but doesn't affect dates (edit dependency and select Ignore Auto-Schedule)

– Filter calendar views by job activity status of "not one of"

Filter number and text fields
– Filter on issue category (None)
– Filter List of Values by "not one of"

User Interface:
– Remove 80 character limit on "link" data type
– Remove 2000 character limit on "Multi-line text" data type
– List of Values fields can be made searchable - (edit your custom field and select Searchable)

Job Phases and Forms: (Standard and Enterprise Edition Only)
– When adding a Job Phase - select a job template to add all the associated activities and forms at once
– Create form sets to add multiple forms to a job or job phase at one time
– Forms can be defaulted to (Entire Job) for use in Phases (edit form info and select Create in Entire Job Phase)

– If your database is being hosted on our server, we take care of this for you. For those running on their own server, you now have additional configuration options

Quotes: (Enterprise Edition only)
Printable quote packets
Printable quote forms without quote lines
– More formatting options for quote footer - (select options to change the alignment or use a different font)
Export quotes to Peachtree 2010

Purchasing: (Enterprise Edition only)
Filter Purchase order summary page
– More formatting options for purchase order footer - (select options to change the alignment or use a different font)

Inventory: (Enterprise Edition only)
– Filter inventory detail views by location, remnant designation, and serial number custom fields
Configure activity material on Calendar form to print the serial number and other details.

Mapping Service: Only Standard and Enterprise edition customers current on maintenance will receive the mapping service. This is not part of the software, but is a service accessible from JobTracker. There may be an additional fee for this service in the future.

– Map Activities - view the location of all activities for the day on a single map

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