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Below is a brief description of the new features available in Release 2.4.  You may also view a 2 minute video about a few of the new features.

– Give external users limited access to job and calendar views
Configure time zone
– Compress web pages for faster performance (Admin > System Settings)
– Customize the logo and footer text on pages within JobTracker (Admin > System Settings)

– Add filters to account summary page (Account > View Accounts)
– Show all account contacts on account summary page views
– New "separator" data type for account custom fields

– Make job activities inactive (Job > Edit Settings, double-click on activity type to edit and select Inactive check box)

User Interface:
– Create "My Views" that are not shared with other users (Click Save View and then select "My View")
Make custom fields inactive
Make form field values and custom field values inactive

Inventory: (Enterprise Edition Only)
Configure inventory labels
– Configure the job material field on job forms to include location, batch number etc. (Edit the form field and click Configure )
– Inventory search will only return product variants used in an inventory transaction
– Enter serial number custom fields at time of remnant creation

Purchasing: (Enterprise Edition Only)
– Create views on the suppliers page (Purchasing > View Suppliers)
– New cost list page for managing supplier cost lists

Quotes: (Enterprise Edition Only)
– Make a price list inactive only on a specific account
– Show tax rate%, discount%, and price list status on account summary page
– Export quotes to Peachtree 2009

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